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Cashmere Plaid LOUNGE - Beige/Off-White

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Material: 100% Cashmere

Dimensions: 130x180 cm

Finest craftsmanship: a luxurious cashmere plaid in an elaborate herringbone pattern and elegant colors: the epitome of cashmere luxury. This generously sized blanket impresses with its beautiful structure and soft feel.

The ideal companion for cozy hours on the sofa or long nights on the terrace in cooler temperatures.

Limited edition of the LEOMAX Maison collection

Also available in Grey/Off-White


Where does our cashmere come from?

Our raw materials are sourced from Inner Mongolia, since that is where the world's best cashmere fibers come from, and carefully manufactured in Kathmandu in many work steps to create uniquely beautiful products.

Since only about 150 grams of pure cashmere are obtained per goat per year, this is considered to be the most valuable natural fiber of all, also known as "white gold" in Nepal.

Material & care

100% Cashmere

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