Our vision

"LOOK GOOD - FEEL GOOD - DO GOOD" or "Only the best is good enough" Starting with the search for the finest raw materials, through careful processing to the final completion of the collection, LEOMAX guarantees numerous quality controls, fair trade and sustainable products. We inspire us for clear design, finest quality and traditional craftsmanship. That's why every single piece of certified cashmere wool is handmade by wonderful people. We take great pleasure in what we do and enjoy the personal contact with our Nepalese partners and the meetings with our customers all over the world.

our designs are multi-seasonal and long-lasting, a LEOMAX cashmere scarf or cape will ideally accompany you for a lifetime. The color options are almost limitless, from the very classic to the ultra-modern.

we only use the softest natural fibers in the world, pure 100% cashmere from Inner Mongolia. No other garment flatters you as wonderfully as a LEOMAX cashmere piece.