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Eco Cashmere Shawl NOOR - Light Grey

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Material: 100% natural undyed cashmere

Dimensions: approx. 200 x 70 cm


The unisex cashmere shawl in 4 natural color variants are carefully woven by hand in Nepal by wonderful people

Each piece is a unique piece of traditional craftsmanship, wonderfully light, pleasantly warm and soft on the skin

The soft fibers come from cashmere goats native to Inner Mongolia, we only use the delicate down

Versatile and can be styled for any occasion, as a stole, scarf, cape... and an ideal travel companion that can be easily stowed in hand luggage

Pure luxury and slow fashion perfectly combined

Also available in "Dark Grey", "Beige" and "Brown"


More details:

  • undyed
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly production conditions
  • Without chemical additives
  • Fair trade
  • Designed in Europe, handmade in Nepal
Where does our cashmere come from?

Our raw materials are sourced from Inner Mongolia, since that is where the world's best cashmere fibers come from, and carefully manufactured in Kathmandu in many work steps to create uniquely beautiful products.

Since only about 150 grams of pure cashmere are obtained per goat per year, this is considered to be the most valuable natural fiber of all, also known as "white gold" in Nepal.

Material & care

100% Cashmere - Professional dry cleaning or gentle hand washing at 30 degrees recommended

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